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Our Rating system

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We use our own rating system to ensure the most objective reviews. As we believe that some aspects are more important than others we assigned different amount of rating points to each of them. The important ones account for more weight (quality of content) and the less important have less weight (navigation).

  • Quality of Content: 25 points - What is the quality of featured porn stuff?
  • Purchase Value: 20 points - Quality and amount of content compared to price.
  • Leased/Own Content: 15 points - Sites with more exclusive content rank higher.
  • Update Frequency: 10 points - How often is the site updated?
  • Content Variety: 10 points - Are there all types of common content?
  • Originality: 10 points - Is this site unique or just the classic pay-site scheme?
  • Tour Promises/Reality: 5 points - Do they really keep their promises from tour?
  • Navigation: 5 points - Is this site easy to navigate, or will you get lost inside?

Overall Rating: 100/100 points - Overall ranking is a summation of all the awarded ranking points, the maximum a site can get is 100 points. When choosing a paysite, you should always pick from those ranked over 80 points. However, sometimes we have to rank a good site lower than 80 points, for example if it doesn't have enough content (this often happens with new sites) so it's best to read the review completely before making the final decision. If we give a site less than 60 points you should stay away from it, because it has to be really bad to rank so low.
We also award medals to the best sites. Brozne medal goes to those with 80-84 points, silver is awarded to sites with 85-89 points and those that receive 90-100 points get a gold medal. To make the navigation even easier : sites rated between 70-79 points are marked as Standard and those with 69 or less points are marked as Poor.

Price & Payment options: This section indicates the price of the membership, payment options and the type of membership. Recurring means that once the duration of your membership expires you will be automatically billed again and your membership will be extended for the same period of time. If you don't want this to happen, you can easily cancel your membership at any time.

Tour promises: This part shows the claims made by the particular pay-site. For example the promised number of pics, videos etc ...

My opinion: This is the main body of each review. Basically, this part will contain all the important facts about the reviewed site.

To give you a quick overview of what types of content a site features, we select the most common content types and state whether a site contains them or not.
Images : yes/no
Live Shows / Chat : yes/no
Streaming Video: yes/no
Downloadable Video : yes/no