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  1. What to look for, when joining a paysite?

    The best you can do, is pick a site that was already reviewed by us, or by some other reliable site dealing with the same subject. However, it is impossible to review all paysites out there, so let me give you some hints you could use when picking a site you want to join.

    • always look for contact info, all reputable companies will provide at least an email address or a contact form.
    • stay away from sites that hide the domain name. Some sites use multiple front ends, just to sell membership to the same shitty members area. It is always a good idea to choose a site that clearly displays the domain name. So if you are about to join a site that is named "Dirtyslutsfuckinghard.Com" the join form should be hosted on the same domain and not something like "".
    • make sure you pick the billing option you want to use, for example "$19.95 for 30 days". Majority of paysites offer multiple payment plans, with one chosen as default, and that one doesn't necessarily have to be your choice.
    • watch out for "bonus deals" - some sites offer you additional membership to some other site(s) that you actually don't want to join. There will always be a checkbox, that you have to check in order to get the "bonus deal", however sometimes it is checked by default.
    • stay away from sites that give you free access to a big number of other sites. There are some good deals available, but it is always somewhere below 10 sites for the price of one. So if you see a site that gives you free access to let's say 50 other sites, there is a big possibility of joining a shitty network of low quality sites. The only exception from this rule are so called AVS sites - for example DeluxePass.Com.
  2. What content should a paysite offer.
    • almost all paysites should offer good quality images. Obviously it is not the case with pure video sites. When joining a paysite, try to choose one that shows samples right on the tour.
    • all good paysites should offer downloadable videos. Unfortunately, majority of sites offer only streaming videos, and you should avoid sites like that in case you have a slower connection. This should be clearly presented on the tour of every site, so watch out for that. Look for downloadable videos. If the site only promises streaming videos or video feeds, I would never join it.
    • many sites offer live chat or sex shows. However, these are mostly quite bad in terms of quality and nothing special to be honest. The exception here, would be single amateur girls websites. These girls are very often offering good live shows and sex chat.
    • majority of paysites also offers stories, sex shop and some other bonuses.
  3. What is recurring membership?
    • almost all adult paysites use the so called recurring billing. So let's say you signed up for 30 days and you chose the recurring option. This means, that once those 30 days pass, you will be billed again and your membership will stay valid for another 30 days. If you want to stop the rebilling, you can choose to cancel your membership at any time, however it is always a good idea to cancel at least 7 days before the end of billing period.
  4. What about Reality sites, are these for real?
    • well, in case you thought that these reality sites are for real, I have to disappoint you. All of them are fake :-) The actresses here know what they are going to do, prior to shooting the scenes. However, I think that these sites are often very good. Their content is always exclusive and even funny to watch. Just be aware of the fact, that the scenes have nothing to do with reality.
  5. Are there any limits attached to trial memberships?
    • unfortunately, many sites apply certain limit on trial memberships. Some will not allow you to watch videos, some will apply a daily download limit ...etc. The bad thing is, that you will have to search hard in the "terms and conditions" to find whether there is any limit like this in place. Moreover, some sites don't mention it at all.
  6. What about sites that give me free membership when I register with my email address?
    • stay away from sites like this. The members section is just bunch of links to other paysites and some shitty leased content feeds. Plus they will send you tons of advertising emails. Moreover, there is a big chance that they will sell your email address - so you can expect endless chain of spam emails.
  7. What about free AVS sites?
    • there is quite a lot of free AVS networks, that will give you free access to thousands of small sites. You have to register with your Credit Card, and here comes the catch. When signing up for a system like this, you are often buying a trial membership to some paysite. The problem here is, that you might not even know that you are doing this. So if you decide to give some site like this a try, watch out for this "bonus" - there should be a checkbox available, and you should be able to cancel this option.

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