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It's a boy!

posted: Jul 25 2013 | author: Lauren | Categories: Amateur, Fetish

It's pretty much the height of summer and I hope that, if you live in the Northern hemisphere, you've at least been able to get out and enjoy the beach or some fun in the sun with your wife, girlfriend or friend with benefits. The weather has been rather wacky where I live and has been fluctuating between extreme heat and cool overcast days. While heat waves and floods have been occupying a lot of the news, so too has the most recent British Royal birth.

If you are anything like me, you've probably had many friends on your social network trying to guess the name or you have been, yourself, sharing humorous links about it. I have to admit, that some of them have been pretty funny, but what does this have to do with porn? Well, not much, except that the headlining birth got me thinking about those of you who have a pregnancy or lactation fetish.

Actually, lactation enthusiasts fall under the same fetishism category, of which the medical term is maiesiophilia. There is quite a range of erotic interests when it comes to pregnant women from impregnation to childbirth and lactation and, in some cases, a woman just has to appear pregnant for a certain segment of enthusiasts to get a rise. For some individuals there is a taboo turn-on about fantasizing about virtuous mothers-to-be and this is doubled by the awareness that these women are already committed to another man and vice versa.

This fetish is much more complex and interesting than I could possibly go into in a short blog, but if you've been on a Royal-fever high with all the pregnancy and birth news lately, then you might be interested in checking out a few pregnancy fetish sites like Lactalia and PregnantUSA to get your rocks off. If you were looking for something a little less pregnant and a little more bizarre, then you could always check out the sites MilkyBabes, MilkEnema or BBW sites like XLGirls.