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July Porn Summary

posted: Jul 31 2013 | author: Lauren | Categories: Asian, Massage, Softcore

Aside from a short-lived heat wave, I think this has been about the coolest July in at least ten years, at least that I can remember. Fortunately, it has been a hot one for porn. I can't even begin to list the diverse range of stuff that I've come across this month, but the niches have covered everything from softcore to hardcore and a whole lot of fetishes in between.

While I haven't reviewed anything that I would rate with five stars, I have come across a few specialty sites that might interest those with either a taste for the tease or a hard-on for sexy and exceptionally naughty Japanese babes. Ero Sexotica and Touch The Body, both sites of which are part of the Mister Peabody World network, are two unique massage sites and Ferame is the name of a site boiling over with horny Japanese teens.

July Porn Summary

What makes the softcore sites EroSexotica and ToughTheBody so enticing is the emphasis on sensual massage and not just the typical rub and tug types of sites, but rather the sites offer something a bit more intimate. You could, in fact, consider these sites to be more or less instructional in nature and while there isn't any hardcore per se, but you will find tantric techniques optimizing the pleasure of both the men and the women in the videos. There are pussy massages and prostrate massages, as well as Nuru, Turkish and Yoni massages. Production values are high and the films are truly exotic, but you will find that these sites are limited in the amount of content. This could be a major drawback, but they both come with access to the Mister Peabody World pass, which delivers a total of 32 sensual and erotic sites, as well as more typical hardcore sites.

July Porn Summary

Ferame is probably the best value of the month. There are over 2000 videos on this site alone and yet the membership still comes with another eight Japanese niche sites. While all the players are indeed from Japan, the great news is that the content is completely uncensored, which means you'll be able to see it all without any blurring of private parts and penetration. Unless you know Japanese, then you might miss out on some of the dialogue scenes, but the language of hardcore is easy enough to follow when being led by your libido. The site includes downloadable HD movies, although only some of the content is actually exclusive.

July Porn Summary

In addition to these sites, it's worth mentioning that I really loved another one called Vintage Cuties. The site could definitely use an upgrade in browsing tools, but it is one of the few vintage porn sites where you can uncover some unique photo and video finds from the 1850s to 1900s and through to the 1990s, which is pretty awesome for vintage enthusiasts.

It's a boy!

posted: Jul 25 2013 | author: Lauren | Categories: Amateur, Fetish

It's pretty much the height of summer and I hope that, if you live in the Northern hemisphere, you've at least been able to get out and enjoy the beach or some fun in the sun with your wife, girlfriend or friend with benefits. The weather has been rather wacky where I live and has been fluctuating between extreme heat and cool overcast days. While heat waves and floods have been occupying a lot of the news, so too has the most recent British Royal birth.

If you are anything like me, you've probably had many friends on your social network trying to guess the name or you have been, yourself, sharing humorous links about it. I have to admit, that some of them have been pretty funny, but what does this have to do with porn? Well, not much, except that the headlining birth got me thinking about those of you who have a pregnancy or lactation fetish.

Actually, lactation enthusiasts fall under the same fetishism category, of which the medical term is maiesiophilia. There is quite a range of erotic interests when it comes to pregnant women from impregnation to childbirth and lactation and, in some cases, a woman just has to appear pregnant for a certain segment of enthusiasts to get a rise. For some individuals there is a taboo turn-on about fantasizing about virtuous mothers-to-be and this is doubled by the awareness that these women are already committed to another man and vice versa.

This fetish is much more complex and interesting than I could possibly go into in a short blog, but if you've been on a Royal-fever high with all the pregnancy and birth news lately, then you might be interested in checking out a few pregnancy fetish sites like Lactalia and PregnantUSA to get your rocks off. If you were looking for something a little less pregnant and a little more bizarre, then you could always check out the sites MilkyBabes, MilkEnema or BBW sites like XLGirls.

Word up: Cunnilingus

posted: Jul 10 2013 | author: Lauren | Categories: Lesbian, Softcore

There has been a lot of talk about cunnilingus since Michael Douglas announced (in politer terms) that eating pussy was the cause of his throat cancer. I'm sure that there are plenty of people saying "bollocks" about now, yet apparently there is some validity to this, although it isn't actually the act of eating pussy that causes certain types of cancer, but rather HPV (human papilloma virus)according to a few different sources. Of course, everyone should know to practice safe sex in any circumstance, but this is, in part, good news for those of us who enjoy carpet munching.

Word up: Cunnilingus

Cunnilingus is derived from the Latin words cunnus (vulva) and lingere (to lick) and refers to a sex partner using their lips, tongue, and/or mouth to orally stimulate the female genitals. However, people don't often go around saying that they love cunnilingus - that would be rather clinical. 'Eating-out', 'muff-diving' and 'going-down' are the more common slang terms and it's a practice that has been around for a very long time.

Word up: Cunnilingus

It is mentioned in the Kama Sutra, although it doesn't appear to be recommended, at least to the upper classes of the time, but Empress Wu Hu, who ruled China between 683 and 705AD is said to have been a big fan. According to Suzi Godson and Mel Agace in their book Sexploration, she was such a huge advocate that she apparently decreed that all government officials and visiting dignitaries should honour her by eating her pussy. Fun times, at least for the Empress!

Word up: Cunnilingus

When it comes to porn, cunnilingus most often turns up on lesbian sites like Sapphic Erotica and Lesbo HDV. Some straight hardcore sites add a little pussy licking into the mix, but most of the time it's brief, performed for the camera and not for the woman's pleasure and the director quickly shifts to fellatio. However, if you are looking to get your girlfriend off, then you might want to keep in mind that while only about a quarter of women climax during intercourse, an overwhelming 75 per cent reach orgasm through oral stimulation.