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In celebration of diversity

posted: Jun 27 2013 | author: Lauren | Categories: Gay, Lesbian, Shemale

Having spent my time between Canada, the U.S. and Europe, this coming weekend marks the 33rd Pride Day celebration in Toronto, Ontario, one of the largest cultural events in North America, and I have no doubt that the tens of thousands of Americans who attend every year will have even more to celebrate with the Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA), a law that previously barred the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages legalized by the states, being struck down by the Supreme Court in a 5-4 vote. I'm not going to make a comment about ridiculous statements by the likes of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul or go into the politics or the significance of this landmark decision (though I could go on for pages), but I just wanted to yell out a resounding "YAY!"

Prior to my foray into the world of porn, I was an open person and like to think that I accept all people from all walks of life. However, reviewing porn has certainly opened my eyes to a lot of different desires and to the diverse range of fetish interests, in particular, that I would still be in the dark about if I'd never come into contact with porn at all. In this way, reviewing porn has made me even more understanding and accepting of differing desires and lifestyles than I was before. This isn't to say that I personally enjoy every kind of porn there is, I don't, but I've never had a problem reviewing any kind of porn as long as it doesn't cross the threshold of the law in the land where I live.

In celebration of diversity

While I've done a lot of brief reviews and updates this month, I've pretty much crossed the colourful spectrum of porn niches. I've seen interracial porn, big tits, grandmas, anal, creampie, Indian, Scandinavian, Asian and even fetish porn involving fisting. In fact, there are few niches that I haven't come across this month. However, if you're celebrating DOMA's demise, enjoying Pride month in the U.S. or gearing up for Pride day wherever you are, here are just a few of the lesbian, gay and transsexual sites that I've enjoyed over the years: SapphicErotica, CodyCummings and ShemaleAsia.

Google and porn

posted: Jun 14 2013 | author: Lauren | Categories: Softcore, Software

A lot of people have been getting excited about Google Glass and I have to say that the potential, especially toward creating more realistic POV and amateur porn, is enormous. I'm definitely a layperson when it comes to the technology, and currently priced at 1500.00 USD and in limited release, I doubt I'll be rushing out to buy myself a pair any time soon, but there has been a lot of buzz about how the technology could transform the porn industry.

As fast as Google Glass was released, MiKandi, an online adult store based in Seattle, launched an app to view porn on the glasses, which isn't a surprise since people involved in the porn industry are typically early adopters of new technologies. However, before I could even turn my head I heard that Google had revised their policies to prohibit porn from being viewed on Google Glass. This doesn't mean you still can't get the app, although MiKandi plans to comply with the no-porn clause and instead hopes to find more erotic rather than pornographic alternatives. However, I can't help but wonder if this is a wise move on the part of Google.

Obviously, I respect individual rights to their own opinion on porn and this extends to company policies like the one Google has adopted for their glasses. However, in an article titled "Porn industry hot for Google Glass" at IOL SciTech, Daniel Bates reported that café owners, cinemas, strip clubs and casinos are already starting to ban Google Glass and even similar looking products. I'm sure that other businesses and institutions will follow, which begs the question: who is actually going (be able) to use Google Glass other than people who want to see porn and in the privacy of their own - um - home?

To boldly go...

posted: Jun 07 2013 | author: Lauren | Categories: Fetish, Video

I wouldn't call myself a Trekkie: I've never been to a convention, I couldn't tell you the rhyme or reason behind those seemingly out-of-order star dates and I wasn't aware there had been an animated series back in the 1970s. However, I'm an admitted junkie. I've seen all 11 movies more than once, and aside from Deep Space 9 and Enterprise, I've watched the main voyages of both Enterprises and Voyager, start to finish, at least twice. Prior to June 6, two weeks after the North American release, it felt like I had been waiting eons for the newest movie in the franchise, but at last I slipped Into Darkness and was satisfied by this slightly altered time line that had Kirk and Spock reversing roles straight out of The Wrath of Khan (Nicholas Meyer, 1982). However, I wasn't quite satisfied enough, if you know what I mean, and watching the new film yesterday has completely renewed my interest in fan fiction and sci-fi fantasy porn.

To boldly go...

As a writer, I dabble a little in fiction, but the closest I've ever come to writing slash or K/S (Kirk/Spock) stories was a short piece I did on The Legend of the Seeker. (What Sam Raimi series, with overt lesbian, fetish and BDSM tones, doesn't completely lend itself to sexy fan fiction?) Nevertheless, I still love reading slash fiction of any kind and when it comes to porn parodies, those revolving around Star Trek are amongst my favourite. In fact, I was fortunate enough last month to review Hustlers Parodies, which happened to have This Ain't Star Trek XXX (Axel Braun, 2009). It was cheese to be sure, but fun nonetheless and Hustler does have a few good parodies on their site.

To boldly go...

When it comes to sci-fi fantasy porn, though, it's not easy coming across a good movie, let alone an entire website full of it. A lot of fans, like me, probably rely on toon sites for their science fiction kicks. Anime, hentai, yaoi, and the like, can take the fantasy into realms that live models cannot, but this doesn't mean that some people haven't tried. In the years that I've been reviewing porn, I've actually only come across one or two sci-fi porn sites, including Galactic Girls. I honestly wish producers would make more sites like this one. The last time I reviewed Galactic Girls was back in 2009, but if you're hard-up for sci-fi porn, like I often feel, then you might want to check it out.