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PornAdept Blog May 2013

Pick o' the month: May

posted: May 31 2013 | author: Lauren | Categories: Fetish, Megasites, Pornstar

I've had a busy month taking a look at a lot of different porn niches. I've seen hairy beavers, party chicks, lesbians, Latinas and slippery massages, amongst other things. However, one of the most unique sites I've come across was one called Scandal On Stage.


We've all probably seen live entertainment at strip clubs and I've been lucky enough to experience live burlesque performed by the Parisian Cabaret Le Crazy Horse , but I can't say that I've ever seen full on hardcore action on the stage and this is what makes Scandal On Stage so original. The site itself has design and navigation issues and you won't find any HD films on the site, but you won't soon forget the action. I can't say that the site is the best, but it updates weekly and fans of voyeur porn will get some thrills from the videos.


The best bargain of the month is definitely for fans of Hustler. The Hustler Mega Pass is surprisingly inexpensive. I've seen less than stellar megasites that are way overpriced, but with Hustler you are guaranteed quality and you pretty much know what to expect in the way of style. This pass comes with 26 sites and over 9000 video scenes with HD options. There are tons of pornstars, there are some teens and amateurs and there is a range of ethnic beauties, as well. However, what truly makes this a great deal is online access to full issues of Hustler, Barely Legal and Hustler's Taboo. I was surprised to find the most recent issues of the publications and equally surprised about the full access to everything in the magazines from articles to photo layouts and through to the cartoon jokes. Of course, not everyone likes the style of Hustler, but those who do won't want to miss out on the Hustler Mega Pass membership.

The music of porn

posted: May 22 2013 | author: Lauren | Categories: Fetish, Groupsex, Reality

The other day, while I was doing the typical household chores, the song "I'm Just A Girl" by No Doubt kept running through my mind. Actually, it was just one line, "I'm just a girl living in captivity" that kept repeating. I had to laugh because really, my significant other and I share all the cleaning and laundry duties. In fact, I cut my hand that day and didn't do dishes, at all. However, it did get me thinking about the role of music and also about porn.

There have been plenty of dinners eaten as romantic music plays in the background and there are tons of people who can pinpoint a specific song that played the first time they had sex. Music plays a tremendously important role in many people's lives and often to the extent that an old song can not only conjure up an atmosphere of a period in your life, but elicit powerful feelings. Even with mainstream Hollywood films or TV shows, music's place is more important than simple ambiance. However, when it comes to porn, it's not likely that you'll come across a person saying, "Oh my God, that porn film had such awesome music that I must buy the soundtrack!"

It's not that some – and feature porn films in particular – don't have fitting or good music, but other than to punctuate a character's emotion or a mood, the sounds of sex often take precedence. Internet sites barely bother with setting a mood with music and, when some try, the results can be disastrous.


Sometimes, like in amateur videos, when girls are playing their stereo, the music fits with their movements and environment and I don't mind this type of music. I recently reviewed a site called MountainFuckFest, and while the German folk music did suit the theme, it was almost too cheesy to take seriously. However, after a few seconds, the music fades out and we're left to immerse in the natural hot sounds of sex. Nevertheless, I can't say that I particularly enjoy Internet porn that has overbearing soundtracks that overtake the sounds of the fucking. I don't know about you, but on sites like this, the music does more to distract and irritate than to draw you into the fantasy and emotions – which is what music in porn should ultimately do, in my opinion.

Word up: Fellatio

posted: May 10 2013 | author: Lauren | Categories: Cumshot, Fetish

Fellatio has many names, most notable of which are blowjob, cock-sucking, giving head, deep-throat, face-fucking and, after the whole former President Clinton fiasco back in the 1990s, it was for a time simply known as the Lewinsky. According to the historical rumour mill, Cleopatra loved to give good head, and she is said to have sucked 100 cocks at a single dinner party, although it's hard to verify this. What I can verify is that the word cocksucker was used 233 times in the short-lived HBO drama "Deadwood", which is nothing compared to the 2,980 times the same series used the word fuck.

Word up: Fellatio

The unabridged modern translation of The Complete Kama Sutra (trs. Alain Daniélou, 1994) describes it as auparishtaka, otherwise known as superior coition or fellation, which is from the old Latin fellare, and quite literally means to suck. However, the act was once known as lesbari since it is said that the practice of sucking genitals was adopted from the women of Lesbos, which is an interesting bit of trivia. In any case, the Kama Sutra describes it as a practice performed by the third sex (transvestites) in order to emulate the feeling of the vagina and also, in the same chapter, by women on men and women on men in a position known in those days as The Crow, (today referred to as the 69 position).

Word up: Fellatio

Fellatio, put simply, is the meeting of the mouth and the penis and there are eight ways of giving fellatio, at least according to the Kama Sutra. In modern times fellatio is predominantly associated with oral sex performed on a male and in porn it typically, but not always, precedes sex. However, there are some porn sites that have made an art out of the blowjob, notably one called The Art of Blowjob but there are other sites on Porn Adept that exclusively focus on cock sucking that may be of interest to fans, including Only Teen Blowjobs, Only Blowjobs and POV Blowjobs.

Word up: Fellatio