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Peeping perverts

posted: Apr 13 2013 | author: Lauren | Categories: Amateur, Fetish

I've always found voyeur sites to be a little kinkier than the typical reality or gonzo site because of that whole peeping Tom aspect. These are the sort of sites that you have to suspend your disbelief when watching because the majority of them, or at least sites that are on the up-and-up and comply with U.S. 2257 regulations, use hired models. It's a bit of a tricky niche and there are a lot of different types of sub-genres including public sex and homemade porn sites, but it's those "true" voyeur sites that can be a bit hit and miss.

I've seen a few spycam sites where either the production values were so good that it was hard to buy into the voyeur concept or that used a POV angle. I don't know about you, but when a site touts itself as a hidden cam specialist and then gives me POV shots in every movie, my first thought is "you've got to be kidding." The POV shot might be great for an ex-girlfriend or home-made porn site, but for a spycam site I would think that this shot would be the least acceptable.

Another thing that irks me with some of these sites is when they provide me with still photos. If I'm going to buy a tour promise of "unknowing chicks caught on camera" then I don't want a bunch of photosets where she is smiling and showing off her twat. It strikes me as a bit contrary to the whole value and turn-on in the spy cam niche.

Peeping perverts

Nevertheless, done well, these types of sites can be a real turn on.

I recently crossed paths with two sites, 100 Upskirts and Security Cams Fuck, which I liked more than most. 100 Upskirts appears to be run by an aficionado named Jessy who often posts personal comments about how he obtained his photos and videos. He also seems to catch some real life shots, or at least the illusion of real shots, which plays a big part in the turn-on. Security Cams Fuck has gone downhill over the years and the quality hasn't kept pace since it launched. However, some of its scenes create a thrilling illusion of real couples caught fucking. Of the two, 100 Upskirts is the better one and the site offers tons and tons of decent quality upskirt and related categories for enthusiasts.

Peeping perverts

Word up: This is not a Book Review

posted: Apr 06 2013 | author: Lauren | Categories: Anal, Fetish, Softcore

There is a song I remember where Paul Simon sings of 50 ways to leave a lover, but have you ever wondered how many words there are for condom, ass or copulate? Apparently, there are enough of them that Canadian author A.D. Peterkin was able to concoct an erotic thesaurus, The Bald-Headed Hermit and the Artichoke, and Arsenal Pulp Press found it worthy enough to publish it.

As a porn writer, I've been looking for a concise erotic thesaurus for what seems an eternity, but I've yet to come across one that speaks my same language or repeats my same extensive knowledge of erotic slang until reading The Bald-headed Hermit and the Artichoke. It's not exactly as poetic, all-encompassing or as serious as an erotic author or porn copywriter might want from a thesaurus, but it is fun, funny and often a helpful blessing when you're in a bind and just can't think of another goddamn word for slut, cock, blowjob or even fuck!

Peterkin's introduction is informed and his thesaurus draws from the slang of many different English speaking countries, although he does include foreign language words like puta, which have become integrated into the slang of many English-speaking nations. As you read through the 154 page thesaurus, you get a genuine sense that he has done his research. For most entries he also includes two to three definitions, anecdotes or historical references for specific words or phrases and you truly can't help being engaged or at least chuckle despite the brevity. For example, who the hell knew that a "bag-over-the-head job" referred to fucking an ugly slut? I didn't, but it sure makes sense!

Peterkin writes the thesaurus tongue-in-cheek and I'm not referring to tossing the salad or any of the other 39 words and short phrases he lists under analingus. From the little information I could find on the internet about him, he seems truly interested in slang, language and words. Still, when it comes to The Bald-headed Hermit and the Artichoke, some entries are so bizarre and outlandish that I just can't (happily) shake the feeling that he and his friends got a good laugh coming up with some of the entries over a few fancy martinis. It's worth a read for any erotic writer.

Yet, reading this book also made me think of Internet porn surfers. There are a lot of fetish words and porn slang on the Internet and as an English speaker writing about porn, even I have a hard time keeping up. For those with English-as-a-second-language skills, I'm sure it's even harder and so I've decided that I'm going to devote one blog a month (called Word Up) to defining those words or idioms, and hopefully with a bit of tongue-in-cheek myself.