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PornAdept Blog Jan 2013

Porn without borders

posted: Jan 31 2013 | author: Lauren | Categories: European, Latin and Indian, Megasites

It's hard to believe that we are already a month into 2013. Time flies, especially when you spend your days watching porn! I've had the opportunity to review a number of individual sites and networks over this past month and some of the sites have been great, some have potential, and others have fallen short. One thing I have been seeing more of recently are sites geared toward specialized or narrow non-English speaking audiences.

Porn without borders

Culioneros is the most recent one I've encountered. This is a network of 10 sites that might appeal to those of you who speak Spanish. With exceptions, like when the guys pick up European or American girls, all of the films are Spanish-language porn. Is this important? Well, having English subtitles is important to many English speakers watching foreign porn, so I suppose if you are Spanish, then yes, this might just be a selling point for you. The network doesn't offer 1080p videos, but the movies that they do offer are decent-looking and there are over 331 porn scenes. Only 5 of the 10 sites appear to be updating with any regularity, but you might want to check out my review of Culioneros for a more thorough look at the network.

Porn without borders

I have also come across a slew of Danish porn sites. While these sites, which include Danske Par, Danske Kvinder, Jyske Pigger and Gagging appear to come from the same production company, they are individual sites and aren't attached to any network. This is a bit disappointing, because none of the sites, on their own, have enough content when compared to the exceptionally high price tag and the quality of the content isn't fantastic, either. Personally, I think the group would do well to consolidate all of their sites into a single pass.

These are only the foreign-language sites I've come across in the last month or so, but for those who want their porn in English, I also recently reviewed the All Porn Sites Pass. I really can't say that this one is my favourite network in the world, but with a diverse range of hardcore and fetish niches from 96 sites, it will be hard not to find something to love about it.

HD Love blew me away. Wanna know why?

posted: Jan 21 2013 | author: Lauren | Categories: Lesbian, Pornstar, Softcore

I've been watching porn every day, at least two to six times a day, for nearly a decade. I've seen pretty much every legal thing in porn that a person could see, or so I thought until I recently came across a site called HD Love.

HD Love blew me away. Wanna know why?

HD Love is fairly new and it doesn't have a lot of content yet, but wow, it just blew me away. The models are nice looking, fresh-faced girls that could be your classmates or your next-door-neighbours' daughters. Some of the models would certainly fit my definition of beauty and the rest have a natural cuteness or attractiveness that is refreshing. Yet, it's not the models that make HD Love a truly amazing site: it's the style in which the films are shot; it's the way the director, or cameraman (it's hard to tell the auteur, here) captures an emotion from both male and female models; it's a balance of expressive pleasure and sheer jouissance and hardcore – all the sweat, quite literally, included.

HD Love blew me away. Wanna know why?

I used to be a big fan of a site called Electro Films. I loved their gritty, down and dirty realist sex scenes. I was a fan because the site offered something no other site did. Sadly, it's no longer running. Sites like Electro Films are hard to come by, possibly because the people running them are footing the bill and porn – good, creative, well-shot porn – isn't as cheap or as easy to make as you'd think.

HD Love blew me away. Wanna know why?

Cinema Erotique, run by Cherry Chapman, is the only independent artistic porn site I can think of that is still clicking along after all these years. One has to appreciate Chapman's love of making porn and her determination to provide fans with consistent quality and creativity. This site has a different brand and style than HD Love, but no-excuses director Chapman is always pulling new and creative ideas out of her hat, even if it might take a month or two between feature-length installations.

HD Love blew me away. Wanna know why?

HDLove is partnered with Nasty Dollars and comes from Manwin – one of the biggest porn conglomerates in the world Canada – so I'm sure they have money behind them. However, if this site represents the creative way in which mainstream porn companies are heading, I am excited to see how it plays out in the future. I admire sites like Cinema Erotique and the former Electro Films, and I'll always support them, yet I have to say that HD Love really outdoes itself. It left me spent, which is probably one of the best recommendations any porn reviewer could make for any porn site.

The Academy Awards are coming. So, how does that relate to porn?

posted: Jan 17 2013 | author: Lauren

Every time the list of Academy Awards nominations comes up, I can't help but think of sites like Celebrity Spanker. I imagine that many of this year's nominees, if not already listed on these sites, will be soon enough. The world has a fascination with celebrities, and sites like this – or like a better site I've reviewed, Celebrity Sleuth – are a great place to get off on topless, nude, erotic and even kinky or more explicit sex scenes of favourite stars.

Now, you may be calling me nuts at this point, but you'd be surprised at how many people masturbate to movie stars when watching non-porn films. A friend of mine once revealed that she rented Dolph Lundgren videos solely to masturbate. I was shocked, although I'm not sure if it was because she masturbated to Lundgren or because I couldn't understand how she could actually get off during all those action scenes. For me, bullets firing and bombs exploding would be a major distraction. Apparently, the experience heightened the excitement for my friend, although bullets and explosions, in retrospect, do seem apropos.

I've never personally masturbated to a Hollywood movie, although I won't deny that the first, and every subsequent time I watched the lesbian scene between Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon in the 1983 Tony Scott cult classic, 'The Hunger' turned me on. I won't deny that Megan Fox gave me a rise in Transformers or that Kit Harrington makes me wet when I watch him in The Game of Thrones, but I've always been the kind of girl who doesn't give a shit who saw me in the porn section of the local video store. Some girls won't even go to the bathroom alone, so it goes without saying that a percentage of these same girls probably wouldn't go into a porn store alone – and here is where celebrity porn sites can come in handy (literally).

They aren't really porn sites. There are loads of topless, nude (and, for girls, some rare full frontal) scenes that taunt and titillate enough to take hand-to-pussy or hand-to-cock, and that is all some of us need.

Party like there's no tomorrow!

posted: Jan 07 2013 | author: Lauren | Categories: Fetish

We're already a week into 2013 and I'm glad that the world didn't end on December 21st like the Mayans predicted. It's not that I particularly believed that it would, but I challenged myself to have some fun that day by trying to watch as much porn as possible (just in case). If I was going to finish the day with a bang, it was going to be the right kind of 'bang' if you know what I mean, and it was!

Party like there's no tomorrow!

I revisited, The Upper Floor, one of my personal favourites, and the 21Sextury network. The Upper Floor doesn't give a lot in the way of bonuses, but I certainly had more than a good time at 21Sextury, especially since I had dual access to 21Sextreme with all sorts of kinky fisting and domination scenarios. When you join this one, you will see a package for the two networks, yet right now Porn Adept is offering a great discount for one network or the other, so you might want to check them out. This coming year promises a lot more porn sites to see, though, and I'm only too happy to get into different sites and discover more exciting niches and new models to share with you.

Party like there's no tomorrow!

As you may have noticed, there have been a lot of changes to Porn Adept over the last month or so and Matuloo promises more changes to come. One thing that I'm very excited about is his invitation for me to write a weekly blog because it not only lets you get to know me a bit better, but hopefully I'll get to know some of you a little more.

I'm not too sure what I will do with this blog yet. I'll definitely tell you about some of the best sites I review in a given week, but there are times when I review a bunch of crap sites in a week. In these moments, I might share with you some insights about being a female porn writer or about some funny sex story I read on the web. I think mostly, at first, I'll just experiment and see what you like and want to read. Mostly, I just want to you enjoy, my words and the porn sites and the girls, guys or trannies, as the case may be.

PornAdept.Com Blog - Introduction

posted: Jan 01 2013 | author: matuloo

Lot's of things were going on here at PornAdept lately, we completely changed the design, added new categories, changed the way we display pricing info, we introduced discounts etc ... and more changes are still on their way to get implemented. All the changes we do have one goal in common, to serve our visitors better and to provide more and easier to find data on all the paysites that we review.

In order to give the site a more personal touch, we are starting this BLOG. It will be handled by our head reviewer Lauren from the most part, with an occasional post from myself or other member of our team. In case you would be interrested to write an article on some adult related topic, feel free to contact me and we can work something out.

The plan is to post at least one post per week, maybe more if there is something important to write about.

Happy reading :)